For the days when living in transition stinks... {day 14}

14 October 2011

But really, I don't know. I don't know at all. I have no idea where we'll be and when. If I think about it too much the anxiety does again start to raise, the pain in the chest becomes a little more acute. Or I can get up and fold the laundry, hug the kiddos and kiss the booboos. I can write the thank you notes and stamp the envelopes. I can order the prayer cards and meet the people. 
I can pray the prayers, the prayers of "Yes, God. I know you, God. I trust that you've got this figured out, even when I don't have a clue. I'll wait on you, God." For the time and the place and the know-hows and the whys and the next thing and the next thing...
I'll wait on Him.
These are some thoughts of my own from May that I need to remember on this day in October. Because days 1-13 are all well and good, but sometimes living in transition stinks... I happen to average about one of these types of days per week.

Transition-y lesson to be learned? Write notes to yourself (or to God, or to your most beloved pet who rests in peace in your backyard who you poured your heart out to at the age of 12). Go back and look at the path of faith you've been walking. Some days you need to reread your own words to remember where you're going, and why.


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