31 December 2009

I come to this place to write - once a year, it seems. It could be the proximity to the sea, or perhaps the familiar American coffee. The street lamps might inspire me, or the way the wind dances down the street. Maybe it's the giant mermaid in the park, or the beautiful mothers and their beautiful babies.

Sitting here, staring down the sea, I feel freedom the most.

After a few minutes, I will fasten my jacket, pull on my hat, face down the wind, and walk towards the train. Towards home. Where beautiful babies wait for their mother.

Ireland at Year End

Hunched over with covered eyes
Waves of puddles in streaming streets
Christmas music fades away
My cup is full and warm
but I am cold

The wind breaks backs and hearts
Sea wrestles land for control
The end of the world seems near
My cup is full and warm
but I am cold

Best of the Double-Os

30 December 2009

So a friend of mine posted a blog post on the top 40 songs of 2009. I'm not as adept a music listener as he, but it inspired me to make my own list. So here's my:

Top Forty(two) Songs of the '00s
(in no particular order... actually, in reverse alphabetical order)

  1. 1st of july / Foy Vance (I have no idea what album this is from, but my sister gave it to me so I heart it)
  2. yahweh / U2 / How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
  3. Work / Jars Of Clay / Good Monsters
  4. When Your Mind's Made Up / The Frames / The Cost
  5. When You Were Young / The Killers / Sam's Town
  6. When The Saints / Sara Groves / Tell Me What You Know
  7. When It Was Over / Sara Groves / Add To The Beauty
  8. Viva La Vida / Coldplay / Viva la Vida
  9. Use Somebody / Kings of Leon / Only By the Night
  10. Universe & U / KT Tunstall / Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack, Vol II (I think)
  11. tribute / Tenacious D / Tenacious D
  12. This Too Shall Be Made Right / Derek Webb / The Ringing Bell
  13. Sweet Child o' Mine / Taken By Trees / Sweet Child o' Mine / Above You - Single
  14. Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking / Snow Patrol / Final Straw
  15. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) / Beyoncé / I Am Sasha Fierce
  16. Sing To Jesus / Fernando Ortega / Storm
  17. Shiver / Coldplay / Parachutes
  18. The Scientist / Coldplay / A Rush Of Blood To The Head
  19. Run / Snow Patrol / Final Straw
  20. Rocky Took A Lover / Bell X1 / Flock
  21. Revolution / Jars Of Clay / The Eleventh Hour
  22. Politik / Coldplay / A Rush Of Blood To The Head
  23. The Planets Bend Between Us / Snow Patrol / A Hundred Million Suns
  24. original of the species / U2 / How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
  25. Open Your Eyes / Snow Patrol / Eyes Open
  26. Oh My God / Jars Of Clay / Good Monsters
  27. Maybe There's A Loving God / Sara Groves / All Right Here
  28. Magnificent / U2 / No Line On The Horizon
  29. Lies / Glen Hansard / Once (Music from the Motion Picture)
  30. Kite / U2 / All That You Can't Leave Behind
  31. Jeremiah / Sara Groves / The Other Side Of Something
  32. Is It Any Wonder? / Keane / Under The Iron Sea
  33. He Said She Said / Bell X1 / Flock
  34. Falling Slowly / Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova / Once (Music from the Motion Picture)
  35. Crazy In Love / Snow Patrol / Up to Now
  36. Clocks / Coldplay / A Rush Of Blood To The Head
  37. Chicago / Sufjan Stevens / Illinoise
  38. Breakeven / The Script / The Script
  39. Blessed Be Your Name / Matt Redman / Blessed Be Your Name: The Songs Of Matt Redman
  40. Best Of You / Foo Fighters / In Your Honor [Disc 1]
  41. Beauty Of Uncertainty / KT Tunstall / Drastic Fantastic
  42. all because of you / U2 / How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

What's my criteria? Well, if I can play the song on repeat like 10 times and never get tired of it. Or if only by hearing that one song was I moved to purchase the whole album. Or any song that made me laugh and/or cry out loud ("Tribute," for instance, accomplishes both of these things). Some of these songs might not be the best of the whole decade, but their my favourite. What are yours?

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Nook & Nest

24 December 2009

I have a nook and a nest. When I lay down on the sofa, one squirmy child finds her way between my neck and arm - the nook, whilst the boy plops down behind the curve of my bent knees - the nest. Apparently I have the perfect body for two children, with a nook and a nest. Where do I put the third? There's just not enough of me...


Thanksgiving update and some other stuff

02 December 2009

Update: Thanksgiving was a success! It was quite the international event, as we had friends from Zimbabwe, Germany, Ireland and Northern Ireland here with us. I'm not sure how much they enjoyed the football, but the company was great and it was nice to again have a full house.

Now we are enjoying a visit from Matt's parents, which is so wonderful and much-needed. We had such a brilliant time with all my parents here that once they were gone, we were quite bummed. And the kids so needed grandparent-time again. I hate to think that it'll come to and end too soon.

And thanks all for your kind words about dear Ella. She's back to her hell-raising self, pic below to prove it:

Ella as Flower Power