31 days of LIVING in transition :: finding narnia {day 28}

29 October 2011

IMG_8816We spent the better part of our road trip listening to a radio theatre production of The Chronicles of Narnia. I'm so, so glad to say that our family loves this series. All of it. And when Aslan's roar comes through the radio, the children yell, "Yay, it's God!" They are discovering traits and cares of our Father through CS Lewis' imagining of Him.

And the husband and I are, too. Relearning who He is, how He loves, where and how He's at work.

One of the stories in particular, the Horse and His Boy, has a scene which hasn't left my mind. A boy, who's had terrible luck and a rough go of it, so distraught and frustrated and rightfully so, says something like, "Why has all this happened to me? Why do terrible things follow me? I'm cursed!" (a paraphrase). And Aslan, who has been working ceaselessly behind the scenes, tells him of all the ways He has worked, all theses things, these "curses", that Aslan orchestrated to protect the boy from actual harm. And also, to bring the boy home.

Oh, I'm so reminded that there is something greater than me at work. And even when tough things happen or I feel cursed or unlucky or unloved, He is protecting me, teaching me, loving me, doing good for me.

So today, we went to our park, our safe happy place in the city that we miss when we're gone and love when we're here. And we looked for Narnia, hunted down secret doors, found a lamppost, and waited for Aslan.


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  1. Thanks for the reminder, Karen. Your kids' reaction is wonderful and such a good reminder if how we should be responding and looking for God working in our lives.