31 days of LIVING in transition :: follow the Leader {day 20}

21 October 2011

Blogging every day is harder than it looks! Only 11 more to go... I think I can, I think I can.

Tomorrow we go up to Minnesota for a long weekend, to share our work with a church and some family. I would say I'm looking forward to it, but the 14 hours each way, in a van, with our kiddos... well, that will take extra bits of grace and stamina.

With this whole year+ being what appears to be a never-ending transition, we're trying to take small steps in obedience, in the right direction, attempting to recognize where and how it is God leads us. Some days are more stagnant than others, and some days are more frantic than others. And this month has seen both. And I'm weary.

But still, we move forward, and sideways, and maybe even backwards a little bit, straining to get a better view, on our tip-toes and eyes straight ahead. We look for Him to give the signal, catch His eye, and then we wait for what's next.

And tomorrow, it's Minnesota. So we go, not really knowing the whats or hows, but praying and trusting in the whys. Grateful for another step. Praising the One who leads.


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  1. You are totally making the blogging every day look easy...I am very impressed. When I read you were off on a road trip this morning, my first thought was, and she still has 10 days left to blog...blogging on a road trip...you go girl.