31 days of LIVING in transition :: the change {day 16}

17 October 2011

Not super transitiony, but about living, nonetheless. 

Had a brilliant afternoon with our church family in downtown Kansas City; a community and a city we've really grown to cherish. Didn't think I'd ever fall in love with my hometown, but during this past year we've really embraced re-discovering the city, eclectic neighbourhoods, downtown parks, yummy cafes... It's a vastly different city than the one we left 3+ years ago.

Or maybe we're just different people, and didn't know where or how to look for its treasures.

Maybe that's the lesson. During any transition, things will change. You will change. And it'll be OK. And you may discover the hidden treasures you never thought to look for.

Oh my, that is hokey! ha! G'night all.


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  1. For us, it has been knowing the right people...we didn't know where to look, but now, with some guidance, we have found some really cool places. I am going to have to rack your brains for the next KC visit...I want to be a tourist there too...I guess I am now.