31 days of LIVING in transition :: the anniversaries {day 18}

19 October 2011

The man and I like to remember dates in our history. Besides birthdays, we try to celebrate anniversaries of all sorts: when we met, first date, engagement, when we found out we were expecting the boy (or the girl, and the wee lad), when we experienced a tragedy, when we moved to Ireland, etc etc. Remembering these days, these milestones that tell our story, prove that something bigger than us is at work, and promise a future full of anniversaries, both good and bad.

So yesterday (Oct 18th) was the 14th anniversary of our first date, but we actually didn't really celebrate it all that much. Instead, I remembered the anniversary of the day before. The day he first called me his future bride. Because that is the unpredictable one, the one that came during our second conversation, the day after we met, the day before our first date, 13 months before our engagement.


Strange, but true. He was joking, of course. And I laughed and laughed. It was absurd, and we both knew it, but it would turn out to be real. Prophecy.

Sometimes I think about that day, about how ignorant I was then to the life we would have. Not a bad life at all, but one I thought I knew but still never expected. And still don't know what to expect. Our relationship, our path, our life continues to evolve. 

I hope and wait for the next evolution.

The River Into Words


  1. I was just talking about remembering dates with a friend tonight...and I seem to never remember dates, but I love the idea of celebrating dates for meaningful life events...I think I might have to find my calender next time I have something to remember.
    I love the pic...it seems to say even more about the way you two have evolved. I guess I should clarify. The look of the picture is very conservative...and so I'm not sure what I am calling you now...

  2. Aww.....we were all such babes then in a way. I don't think college life look that young now...but maybe they do. :)

    A woman in a summer small group I was in shared that her family has a table with a glass top where they have put items to remind them of God's provision, show grace in their lives. A sort of "stones of remembrance" thing to revisit and remember each year. They picked a day (like the second Saturday in June) and they order pizza and tell the stories each year, remembering and celebrating God's grace.....medical bracelets, birth certificates, photos, part of a stick that was important in an event, things like this. I like that idea.

    I often think about when the Israelites crossed the Jordan River and set up 12 stones as a symbol. And ehen their children asked what are these stones for, their parents could tell them (Josh. 4).

    Thanks for the reminder about remembering. And happy anniversary! :)

  3. Trish! You would remember that very day, wouldn't you. :)

    Katie, that photo was taken at Candlelight Carols at Moody (a Christmas concert). I was in the chorale at the time, so was all dressed fancy to sing. Matt, however, is wearing his usual Moody uniform. ;-)