31 days of LIVING in transition :: love the one you're with {day 9}

09 October 2011

No matter how long you live somewhere, or how short-lived you think this season in life might be, it is impossible to live it to the full - to live it with intention and without regret - if you don't invest a little bit of time and energy into where you find yourself at this very moment.

I say that having missed out on this key point. For the first few years of our transitoriness (yep, it's a word - i just made it up), I was just waiting. And waiting. And checking my inbox. And our support account. I just didn't have the energy to prepare to leave AND attempt living. And that, itself, was exhausting. I never had a break from the waiting or wondering, and I didn't really enjoy the process, or the journey, which is sorta kinda the point, right?

near our "home" - for five short weeks - in North Carolina {2008}

You gotta love the one you're with. Love the town you are calling home, even if it's just a few weeks. Explore it. Take pictures of it. Meet the people. Plan an excursion. Find a church. Read the paper. Love it so that you can call it home and really mean it. And so you can miss it a little when you're gone. Trust me, it will be a sweeter memory if it's mixed with a smidgeon of homesickness, minus the regret.

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  1. THis is a great thought even if you're not in transition. You'll be happier where you are if you love it and call it home, especially if you'll be there for a while! Thanks for sharing!