Gross stuff that comes out of babies

27 February 2010

This last week was full of firsts for us. Asher's first plane trip. Our first trip as a family of five. Matt's first time to Vienna. And then the gross stuff. Asher's first vomitting session. Ella's first vomitting session on a plane to Vienna (not her first time getting sick on any plane though... nothing can break the record of the Ireland flight of May 08!). Asher's first projectile poop. And my first time being covered in both types of grossness from both little ones in the course of one short week.

My laundry cup overfloweth.

But... beautiful pictures were taken. Beautiful times with all the children were had. Messy distractions were kept at bay. We were able to play, talk, think about our past and make plans for our future, cook, walk, adventure...

The traveling was rough, but the holiday week itself was beautiful.

6 months already?

The boy

03 February 2010

My baby boy turns 7 next week. Not so much a baby anymore, at least for these past 6 years, especially now that there is an actual baby boy in the mix again. But still, I look at him and all I remember is this big, roly-poly, hunk of a man-child that I somehow was able to give birth to and still had enough energy to feed him, take care of him and watch him grow.

He's at the age now where, if I call him "baby", it is now an insult and he gets mad at me. But he still loves to cuddle, loves to kiss, loves to hold my hand, loves to tell me he loves me, and loves to be a part of this little family. He is all kindness and light and energy and creativity. He draws, writes stories, imagines, dances... he's just about everything that is good in the world.

Of course, he's not perfect. He is my child, after all. He is a bit quick to stomp his feet when he doesn't get his way, or to growl at me when he's displeased, or to hit back without even thinking. But those are all just fleeting moments, short-lived evidence of a fallen nature, quick to be replaced by angelic brown eyes and a kiss on the cheek.

When I think of all that he and I went through together, from the tumultuous labour and delivery, to the long days and nights of all eat and no sleep, to the helpless months of post-partum depression, to the moves from one house to another (and another and another), to the transplantation of our family to another life in another country which seemed awfully scary at the time... we're survivors, him and I. We've done it all together.

jack and mom 1


mommy and jack








Bits & Pieces

01 February 2010

I'm a bit under the weather, so I have an excuse to sit on the couch and play on the laptop, ignoring the children, and watching old episodes of Lost. :) So here's some fun stuff. Just for funsies.

My friend Larissa put me on to this site for digital scrapbooking. I haven't tried it yet, but I love to scrapbook (when I have the time and energy!) and maybe sometime will give this a go. It's really pretty and fun to look through if nothing else.

Some friends of ours participated in this extreme sports racing type thing last year in Ireland. Looks super cool and fun and one day I might like to try something like this. We'll see... But I will tell you this, hearing our friends talk about the experience of it, I couldn't help but get a few tears in my eyes. Really beautiful.

I'm thinking about selling some stuff on Etsy. Maybe some graphic design-y type stuff like monogrammed art or something. Maybe. Could be a creative outlet and perhaps bring us in a bit of extra cash. Who knows? What do you think? I do have a friend who sells things on there - check it out!

That's it for now. Sigh, cough, sigh... I need a nap.