31 days of LIVING in transition :: leave your house {day 12}

12 October 2011

Yes, leave it. Get off the couch (or, if you're anything like me, out from under the covers, outta bed, comb your frizzy hair), open the front door, and leave your house.

As heretofore mentioned, when in transition I want to run, I want to hide (much like Bono does). And while the hiding isn't so good, the running might actually be onto something. It is all too easy to not live and hide from the reality that change is coming - or recently happened - when the only thing staring back at you is your TV and your Facebook account. Leave. Your. House.


What to do when you leave your house? I'm so glad you asked! Here's a top 10 list for things to do when you leave your house, stop hiding from transition, get out of survival mode and take baby steps towards life!
  1. walk around your neighbourhood (bonus: meet people & exercise).
  2. find your closest coffee shop and become a regular (same time, same place, same barista).
  3. update your card catalog: get a driver's license, library card, loyalty card (these things say: yes, I lived here! and become part of your history).
  4. talk to someone for 10-30 seconds (longer than a simple, "thanks" but shorter than, "so when I was in the hospital with mumps..."). Repeat daily and quickly increase to hourly reps.
  5. go to church (even if you don't want to, even if you're brand new, even if you're not a Christian. Church people are - mostly - friendly people and will like you and pray for you if you let them).
  6. join a club or take a class (in addition to, or in lieu of, church). Places to look for said clubs/classes are: library, grocery store bulletin board, or Meetup.com.
  7. get a haircut. By month five, you'll really need one.
  8. go where the people are (I will cover this more later in the week).
  9. find a park, plop down on some green space, and people watch.
  10. day trip! pick a spot on the map within a couple hours drive, find a friend to go with (or take yourself and a journal/book), and spend the day away from the mess that is transition.
Now, don't think I practice all or any of these things every day. I've experimented with most of these, but the idea is to discover who you are, what feeds your soul, and what grounds you when everything else is up in the air. 

I try to remember that the best way to live with intention while permanently living in transition is to leave the four walls of my heart's shelter, and go where the people are, where relationships wait, where I can think and pray and actively pursue experiences in whatever current home, situation, job, mess I find myself in.

So yeah, leave your house, and find who you are, where you are, for however long you are there. Or here.


  1. I totally had a "I need to get out of the house" day today. We went to Menards...it was pretty awesome. I came home and was thoroughly productive. So after my day and reading this post, I realized that it would be an even better day every day if I left my house in the morning for a walk, of a visit to the coffee shop, etc. I do need to leave my house, and my facebook account, and I do need to get haircuts more than every 5 months, and maybe we will even schedule dentist appointments this week. I am so glad to have you to inspire me. :)

  2. After staying on the couch, doing nothing & feeling icky yesterday, I'm leaving the house today!

  3. You, my dear friends, inspire me right back.