31 days of LIVING in transition :: the days {day 6}

06 October 2011

On the days you want to scream
On the days you know it's not fair
On the days you tell God your kids deserve a backyard
On the days no one hears you
On the days with more questions than answers
On the days when it's all about you
(and by you, I mean me)

Think of the missing baby.
Think of the woman (no longer) in prison for a crime she didn't commit.
Think of the motherless children.
Think of the enslaved in your own backyard.
Think of the war.

God's heart will not forget them. And He's taking care of me more than I know.

The River Into Words

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  1. I love the new blog layout...I have had that background print saved on my computer for a year or so, just in case I find someplace fun to use it. Great minds think alike I suppose. ;)

    I love the way that you are so sensitive to people you don't even know going through trials. I learn a lot from that. I am calloused enough to generally separate news from the idea of heartache. I am glad I have a friend to lead me back.