31 days of LIVING in transition :: the lease {day 2}

02 October 2011

On our desk sits a lease, expiration date two months from today. I look at it, fold it with my fingers, hold its weight and eye the highlighted terms. This lease, it weighs more in dreams and questions than it does in ounces. It is deep and fraught with decision. It is the beginning of the next, or the end of this current transition.

And I'm not sure which.

We are praying and planning. This much is obvious and has been stated more times on this blog and others, in prayer letters and small groups, at lunches and teas. There is no end to the praying and planning. And until a tangible number is reached or a ticket purchased, we continue this preparation circle. This dance with transition.


Transition is a terrible dancing partner, it should be said. Transition doesn't lead so well. And we don't follow transitions steps so swiftly. So instead we rely on the Choreographer. He places the steps, teaches us the moves, shows us where to put a foot, how to hold the head high. Shoulders back and eyes straight ahead.

We dance for Him.

And we keep the lease on the desk. Folded and unsigned.

The River Into Words


  1. Grace to you for this time of transition. Uncertainty is hard!

  2. Thank you! Been in the midst of transition for a few months so hoping that the practices we've unearthed this year will prove useful when it's crunch time! Whenever that is! :)

  3. Seriously, Ella's amazing...that dip is perfect. Look at her back line. That is natural talent right there.