One Moment in Time (cue Whitney Houston)

05 March 2009

So I've been super busy lately, so busy that I've not had much time to write, rest, reflect or clean. Well, I try not to find the time to clean, but that's neither here nor there.

Anyway, after missing my last book club meeting due to some wicked morning sickness, and having only read 50 pages of the current book club read (Netherland, by Joseph O'Neill), I somewhat hesitatingly drove to our local library for our monthly meeting. Now when I say local, I mean that technically it's about 8 km away, driving down 3 narrow country roads, a not-as-narrow two-lane highway (dual carriageway), to a nearby village with construction (road works) up and down it's narrow main street. I have been known to take out a side-view mirror or two. So anyway, as I drove to book club last night at dusk, I was suddenly struck with an obvious though completely awe-inspiring thought:

I live in Ireland!

I live here. In Ireland. By the sea. In the country. With people I'm growing to love. Raising my kids here.

We have a life in Ireland. Wow.

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  1. Love your description of the drive to the library! Sounds stressful, to say the least...and isn't that how it goes, a gradual settling of making a life somewhere away from home....