The week(ish) in review

10 March 2012

this picture is unrelated to anything below, but i like it. the end.

Here's what's been keeping me up late at night, bringing some tears, making me eat ice cream, and growing my heart:

so much shouting, so much laughter :: words like weapons (forget not your name)
A porn-soaked culture values
sexy, submissive, and available;
a bar set canyon low and
unreachable all the same.
He hated her more than he loved her
Her.meneutics :: What the 'After-Birth Abortion' and 'Personhood' Debates Have in Common
However, chief among the satire’s many objects of correction (for correction is the purpose of true satire) is rationalism, a worldview that depends entirely—like the journal article—on human reason at the expense of human emotion, human spirit, and human love—let alone eternal principles that transcend even these.
IRL* in real life with Jamie Jo :: Furlough Boot Camp: Getting the Lil' Soldiers Ready
I'll never forget the time we went up with one teen and his big ol' afro, and other teen with his long stringy hair. It was still a struggle to not consider "What will people think?" but I forced myself to look at it from God's standpoint. No sin was being committed. Their hearts were good. Why should I require a haircut just to please our conservative support base?
Rachel Held Evans :: Rush Limbaugh and three evangelical blindspots
This is the blind spot that allows some of the same Christians who refuse to watch R-rated movies to suspend their judgment as Rush Limbaugh makes crass, vulgar, racist, misogynistic, and homophobic remarks on his radio show. So long as he’s speaking the truth about politics, they seem to reason, it doesn’t matter how he delivers it. So long as he is right, it doesn’t matter whether he is decent or kind.
Goins, Writer :: The Best Way to Pursue Your Life’s Work
The only other option is to kid yourself. To create a lofty goal or aspiration and never practice, only dream. This will leave you (and others) feeling disillusioned. 
Don’t do this. Your passion deserves better. Instead of going big, go small —really small.
I was also going to post a link regarding Kony2012 (which has been lighting up my twitter and facebook feeds), but the post has since been taken down. Loads of controversy lingering over this...

All in all, this was a good week on the interwebs. Anything going on in the real world I should know about?


  1. karen, thank you for the gracious link. it's been sitting heavy on my heart, too.

    so we shape the river into words, we do:) happy weekend to you.

  2. Thanks for your links, Karen. I'd read some of them myself. I love your posts, by the way. :-)

  3. Thanks for your comments, ladies. :)