On not being the very worst, when you were afraid you were.

14 March 2012

It's quiet in the house (boy is gone with husband, wee lad is asleep, the girl is at school - yes, her spring break is not this week but next week. duh. of course). I should be working on the bazillion St. Patrick's Day cards we'll be sending out to our ministry partners a/k/a Support Squad a/k/a Prayer Posse, but instead I'm perusing a site I recently discovered and only just now had the chance to sit and read: http://www.theveryworstmissionary.com/.

Yep, this blog exists. And sadly, it is not written by me. I regret to inform you that the bad missionary blog niche is taken, so I'll just have to keep posting here as a lazy mom, missionary, and occasional freelance writer addicted to diet coke who isn't so great at transitional homemaking but tries hard anyway, sometimes.

But all that to say is: I'm so glad this blog exists because I really thought it was only just me. I really thought that I was the only person in the world who has found herself in ministry, doesn't know how she got there, lives for it and stresses about it and is slightly afraid of it, and also hates to ask people for money. But I'm not! There's someone worse than me! But she's also gorgeous, too, so I'm assuming that her being the very worst missionary is predicated on this fact. So, I mean really, she can't be expected to excel at everything.

My cousin Danielle and I, both missionaries, but Danielle is much higher on the scale than I am.
Because she lives in Africa. And homeschools. And is just all around amazing. True story.

So I salute you, Jamie @ The Very Worst Missionary. You are funny, smart, and braver than I to let the world in on your little secret with such aplomb and grace. Though I would've gone the anonymous route, but whatever. Sincerely, Your newest fan and Sis in Christ, Karen @ The River Into Words (soon to be trademarked).

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