"Mommy, I wet!" and other Friday morning cries...

09 March 2012



On Five Minute Fridays, I click the link and wait for the prompt and ready myself for the words that come. But recently, it's been mostly... nothing.

I set the alarm and hear the soothing cello sounds and press snooze right as I hear the wee lad cry, "Mommy, I wet!" There will be no up and at 'em before the children today, no reading, no prayer... just dishes and cereal and fingers unzipping another pair of pee-soaked fleece pjs.

This, I think, with as little joy I can muster, never gets old.

He's on his way to an appointment and I'm just out of the shower and the girl comes to me crying. Wee lad has hit her on the head with a wooden stick (because we have lots of wooden sticks and planks and piano parts laying around our apartment). He's in a rush, and I'm wet and naked, and there is no time for words of affirmation and kisses and till death do we part on a Friday morning.

The house is empty of two now, the husband and boy gone for the day, and here he is again. The wee lad crying for milk or for hug or for Wiggles. He is in need, hungry, desperate for love this morning.


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  1. Oh, I can so relate! Thanks for your words. Praying that you will be encouraged today in some sweet and beautiful ways.

  2. Oh how I have been there on those days, among the cries and needs of little ones. Somehow it can sometimes still feel empty!
    Thank you for the authenticity of your words!
    Praying you have a wonderful day filled with blessing.

  3. Hi neighbor...Oh I remember those days...pray your emptiness if filled with Him...that the value of what you do raising these children will be more clear...have a great weekend...blessings~

  4. Empty is a few ways but so rich in love beyond measure.
    Blessings on your mornings,