Our Compassion Kiddos {and how to sponsor one yourself}

06 March 2012

In our family, only three of our little people actually live with us. You already know one is in heaven (though it was an early pregnancy loss, I still wince at that statement), but the other two live far, far away from here. We affectionately refer to them as our Compassion Kids. The boy is 13 and the girl is 6. And they are adorable and amazing, send us verses and pictures, and tell us how they pray for us.

They pray for us.

But that's not what I want to write about. SO KEEP READING!

I don't want to brag on them or how awesome it is that we sponsor them. I mean, I do feel awesome about sponsoring them, but not because it makes me feel more important or extremely generous or super spiritual. But because it's the least we can do - we who are in the 1% of the world's wealthiest based solely on the fact we live in America - for children who belong to the world and grow up in poverty.

What I really want is to share with you why and how you can sponsor a couple of Compassion Kids of your own.

  • Because chances are you can afford to feed, clothe, shelter and educate your children. 
  • Because there are people in other parts of the world in which the very culture is rooted in systemic poverty. 
  • Because these parents are just trying to keep their kiddos alive (if, in fact, the parents themselves are even alive). 
  • Because they need help in feeding, clothing, sheltering and educating these awesome little people.
  • Because you would empower these families, invest in a child's future, and impact society.
  • Because for the cost of a couple lattes a week (or one dinner out a month), you can provide benefits to a child which include: education, health care and instruction, nutrition and life-skills training.
  • Because this is what their local church does and what our global Church was meant to do.
  • Because that child will see the Gospel.
  • Because he will discover Jesus there.
  • Because you can. 


This is the super easy part, and the part that gets awesome. All it takes is a look at a face (or a click on a link). 

Our first Compassion child was passed down our row at a concert until he stopped in my lap. And when I saw that face, he became our kid. Back then (almost ten years ago), the interweb wasn't as trusty as it is now; I actually had to fill. out. a. card. (gasp!) to start sponsoring that little guy.

Now, it's so much easier! And the impact in their lives - and your heart - that much greater.

Visit Compassion's page for children who have been waiting. They've been waiting for you. And some have been waiting a long time. Our second compassion kiddo popped up on my blog last year. I saw her face and I clicked.

It's just that easy to open your heart and be the typing, giving, letter-writing hands of Jesus.

For more information, visit www.Compassion.com. But click on that link above. Click on it! Do it. Now. Those kids are waiting for their future. And they really, truly cannot wait to thank you for it. You'll be in their hearts, too. 

And though you may never touch them, hear their voices, check their temps, or sing them to sleep, I believe God brings these little people to us to care for all the same. Even from miles and miles away.

Sponsor a Waiting Child from Compassion International on Vimeo.

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