"We could not calculate directions..."

18 March 2012

I am in a wicked state of Not Awesome.

Our belongings in Ireland are being evicted. The storage facility - which is housing the possessions we first took to Ireland and stored for safekeeping when we left for home assignment - has gone bankrupt, is closing up shop, and our things have to be removed asap. As in next week. As in 10 days from now.

And, you know, we are like an incalculable distance away.

"We could not calculate directions between Kansas City, MO and Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland."

Steps need to be taken, on the phone and in person, and while we try to coordinate with friends on the field and new storage companies, we are struggling to make 2 + 2 = my wedding photos don't get shipped up the River Liffey.

I tell husband, "It took too long! We're not even there and we're being kicked out of the country!" To which he replies: "No, this is God making a way. He's doing something, opening something up, giving others an opportunity to help. This is Him."

Yes, I think, probably all very true (just in the last two weeks friends have offered us homes to rent there, even though we aren't quite there yet). But I wish He'd let me in on the plan and show me the directions because I am super lost on the journey today. That storage unit was a symbol of our life there, still existing in some form, beckoning us to return and make our home.

Today it feels almost gone.


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  1. So sorry!

    Because we moved to an uncertain place in a very uncertain time, I did not take photos and other things with me. I color photo copied our wedding photos and baby photos and took the copies. The originals I left at home. And because I am just that way, I stored the negatives to the originals at another house so in case one burnt to the ground, I'd have the other. (Ok, I admit it - I've got issues! :)