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18 March 2012


What I've found, read, and learned from this week:

Jamie the Very Worst Missionary :: The Tourist Gospel (from February, but I'm counting it)
So, all of this has got me thinking about what happens when, as Christians, we let ourselves be so far “set apart” from the world that we end up looking like a bunch of tourists, instead of the ones with the answers.
Her.Meneutics :: The Best Naked Pregnant Woman on a Magazine Cover
I bet that plenty of readers will see this cover and still think Jessica Simpson should be ashamed. Certainly some will read this piece and believe that I should be ashamed! But I choose to see this cover—this beautiful picture of a naked and pregnant woman—as an Edenic reprieve from the shame that women are saddled with.
Olive Tree :: Birthday Suit in a Turkish Bath (another oldie from February, but so good)
When it was our turn we laid our towels on the slab.  My bath attendant came up and motioned for me to take off my bathing suit. 
“I can’t do the body scrub with your bathing top on,” she said. Scary. 
I took a deep breath, and actually took off my top.  Amazingly I didn’t die from embarrassment. 
mama:monk :: Because grace is brave and it always wins
You’re 16-years-old and the boy who kisses you beside the light blue Chevy Spectrum under the moon has berry-thick boy lips, his knuckles rough and cut from punching walls. He is all man, you think. And somewhat good. Becoming better.

What did you read and discover this week?

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