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01 April 2011

Friday is here again and with it, some more Five Minute Friday goodness from GypsyMama. Check her blog out, and then try it yourself. Five minutes, off the cuff, no looking back...

...of my FAVOURITE things...

The first Friday of the month is a big day around our house. That means payday was last week, rent is right around the corner, and summer is coming quicker than I'm ready for. The week of first Friday sees the husband in mad preparations for the First Friday Art Walk, an event we've started to cherish. He's an artist (for) now, don't you know, and on the first Friday, we get an evening to ourselves, with several hundred of our starting-to-become favourite people, sharing life and ideas and visions and creative expressions, in the hopes of pointing people to a God who created us and put the thirst for creative expression and the joy that comes from it inside each of our fragmented hearts.

This first Friday also means we pack the kiddos up, backpack carrier and little girl purse in tow, and take the kids to the once-a-month indoor flea market, where we root for treasures to perk up our transitory existence. I'm trying to make our home, wherever it may be, a real home for however long He blesses us with it. In Ireland it meant searching out just a few hand-crafted pieces of a new (to us) cultural identity, filling our then-home with tiny pieces of an Irish life. Here, back where we began, it means going to those old places for inspiration and re-imagination, a rebirth in our for-now-home with a couple of carefully chosen quaint Americana items that ground us in who we are and where we came from.

I love this part of life... finding a place for new people in our big, ever-changing world.  And giving a second chance to small things that become our new favourite things... hopefully small enough to fit in a suitcase and adventure with us to the next-new-home.

this one, I know from experience, does not fit in a suitcase


  1. I love your juxtaposition of new people and old things. What a great reminder to make room for both in your life.
    From a fellow love-to-haunt-thrift-stores-type.

  2. I like how you made what many might view as a simple outing --going to the flea market-- into an adventure fraught with possibilities... what will you find? And maybe bring home?

    And it's very cool that you guys decorate with things that root you in where you are at.

  3. Lovely post integrating old traditions with new traditions.

    And I love that desk-chair. So cute. :)

  4. I *love* this line: "where we root for treasures to perk up our transitory existence."
    And the desk/chair is great - was it made as a telephone table? I have one similar, but not so fancy :-)
    following you on google,

  5. Thanks for stopping by, ladies! I don't think I recognized the beauty or importance of these things until this little assignment. :)