I'm sorry, did I say too much?

10 April 2011

I'm running a little behind this week, what with the conference going on and all of my super important, elite speaking engagements. :) But seeing as how I'm now home, golf is on, and the crying baby in the other room is the hubby's problem for the moment, I'm going to attempt Five Minute Friday on a Sunday.

Wait, is that another child crying? No? Ok.

If you met me...

If you met me, you would notice my hair first. Not super curly, definitely not straight, but a weird frizzy variety of uncontrolled brown chaos that starts at my roots and ends at the racing feet of my excited-to-meet-you,-too children.

If you met me, I would probably overwhelm you at first. I would touch your arm too much, laugh too loudly at your jokes (which up until that moment you probably thought only you found funny, and then you met me...), ask too many questions, or give too many long answers to the questions you give me.

If you met me, you would think I'm outspoken, outgoing, and out of breath. I am some of these things, some of the time. But the outspoken thing ends up with a foot in the mouth more often that not, the outgoing thing is merely a clever ruse to make you think I'm fun and popular, and the out of breath thing is just the state of life I'm in at the moment, both by and not by choice. Depending on the day.

If you met me, you'd meet the man. Maybe not in person, but through stories and smiles and glances across the room. You'd see the children run dashes between the two of us in the shape of squiggly hearts and you would see in my eyes that there's more to our love story than just the two of us.

If you met me, you'd see that I'm searching for something. A new friend, a comrade, another mother-fighter to help me keep going. You'd see that I've got some things going on the inside, things I may or may not tell you straight away (depending on the function and if there's a glass of wine nearby and a table for two we could sit and rest at awhile), about our journey and my heart and the ways we're learning and struggling and aching to know God better.

If you met me, you may not get me at first. But that would be OK, because right now, I've got just a wee bit of time on my hands.


Whew, that was a frenzied little exercise. So, now it's your turn. I really encourage you to give this thing a try, even if it's not particularly your thing. It's actually starting to become the highlight of my week.


  1. I must say ... this five minute Friday thing looks quite fun! ;)

    I feel like I haven't seen you in forever, prob because I couldn't come to core group last Monday, but it sounds like you've been a busy little bee. Hope everything is going great, and I'm sure I'll see you soon :)

  2. Ha, I know! It does seem like it's been ages since I've seen you! OK, so you're probably one of the most recent ones, so tell me: is this an accurate representation of when you met me? :) And yes, you should give this little exercise a try! It's kind of fun to write about one's self if you've got a 5 minute limit. ;-)

  3. thanks for sharing! You made me smile!