The non-lameness of a Family Purpose Statement

19 April 2011

Here you have it: our family purpose statement. We'd been reflecting on such a statement for about a month now, with prompting from Organized Simplicity. We made lists, discussed dreams from the past and hopes for the future, reflecting on what we wanted to be like and how we felt God made us to be. We started with a super, simple statement:

Love a lot: Love God. Love people. Love eachother.

We liked this general purpose a lot, but wanted to have some concrete descriptors as to what that love would look like on a tangible level. In the end, we came up with this:

We want to display this somewhere in our apartment, small enough that we can take it with us anywhere and still know that we're home. Thoughts?

1 comment:

  1. love this...truly. I need to make one, and know I'm going to see if that book is available at my new library (most likely enjoy that mcpl while you have it...not all libraries are equal) otherwise I might need to buy it for some summer reading/inspiration/planning. I really want to make a pretty family purpose statement for my living room wall...and my life, but you know, it would look good on the wall too. :)

    I appreciate the care more about people than easy is that to revolves around so many things.