Missional Mom : The Rest of the Story

18 January 2012

If you followed my groundbreaking (though unfinished) series, 10 Books I'm Currently Not Finishing, you may be wondering if I ever did finish any of those books. The truth is, well, just barely. As in one. I finished one. 

And I had good incentive.

Helen Lee, author of The Missional Mom, was so kind enough to meet me at a conference for missional church planters, leaders, and visioncasters (is that a word? well, it is now), get in a car with a near-stranger (again, me), and share her journey, as well as the journey of other normal suburban, yet fearless and winsome women who dare to imagine a calling greater than that of mom. She is as down to earth as she is thoughtful and it was a pleasure to hear her heart for moms, for the needy, and for living a life that seeks to impact the world by serving it with and through your family.

Please check out the interview I did with Helen at Halogen, and visit her website for more information. Whether you're a mom, a dad, a child of God, or a friend in need, you will find something there to inspire the mission within.

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