10 books I'm currently not finishing, part 2

29 August 2011

Part Two of my ground-breaking series, 10 Books I'm Currently Not Finishing...

The Missional Mom, by Helen Lee :: I love this book. Love. This. Book. Truth be told, though, I'm halfway through four months after starting it. I suppose it's taking me so long due to the fact that I have to sit with it, mull over it, and read it aloud to the husband. Lee is a fabulous writer, a growing mom, and a practitioner of missional living. The stories she tells, the women she introduces, and the truly inspired notion that our highest calling is not motherhood after all, but being with God, capture my heart in a way that tells me: this is possible. And this is life to the full. 
Culture Making, by Andy Crouch :: I saw Andy Crouch speak at the conference I attended last month. Not only is he super smart, but he's a musician, a writer, a ministry leader, and an artist. Two chapters in and this book is already challenging pre-formed ideas of who creates culture, where it came from, how we contribute and partake in it everyday. Are Christians supposed to only critique culture, or can we also be cultivators of it? According to Crouch and the stories I've already heard him tell, the answer to the latter is yes! But I'll keep reading and let you know for sure.

Crazy Love, by Francis Chan :: Two pages in. It looks pretty good. Everyone says it's good. I'm just late (and slow) to the party. The subtitle in particular speaks to me: "Overwhelmed by a relentless God." Actual review forthcoming sometime in the somewhat distant future. (this isn't a library book, but on loaner from good friend N, so I can keep this as long as I like without paying a nickel!)

Stay tuned for the stunning conclusion to this provocative series!


  1. Thank you for your kind words about my book! If you look ahead a couple of chapters, you'll notice one entitled "The Missional Mom is a Culture-Maker" so you probably have a good idea what was the inspiration for that chapter. =) Honored by your review and look forward to seeing what you think about the whole thing, good bad, or otherwise! =)

  2. Haha! Once again, we're pretty much the same. I have the hugest list of books that everyone says are amazing and what I've read is amazing - and I just can't get through them.

    My list includes Crazy Love, as well as Same Kind of Different as Me, Plan B, The Me I Want to Be, One Thousand Gifts and The Work of Art. Annnnd, I just added Grace for the Good Girl and Love and Respect. *sigh* Non-fiction ADD is SUCH a good way to describe it!

  3. I loved your statement from Part I of this post about not being a book finisher. Because I'm not a book finisher either! I always felt guilty until I read on Michael Hyatt's blog that he often doesn't finish books; that's how he's able to read so many!

    I just read (most of) Heaven is for Real. I had only two chapters to go, and I thought, "I think I've gotten the message of this book." Currently reading One Thousand Gifts and a few other things.