Upon reading "One Thousand Gifts"

30 January 2012

I have finally picked it up, the book nearly every girlfriend of mine both online and off has read and sworn by this past year. One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I will admit it, I was - and still am - a bit antsy. Keep reading...


  1. I haven't read it, either, but I'm with you. Happy people who only focus on happy things annoy me. What about the not happy things? The deep hurts? The struggles? Ignoring them doesn't work, not for me. I'd rather see struggles with them, too. As I struggle with the deep things, I find I enjoy the happy things deeper. Deep joy is not so bubbly or flowering, but it is just as real.

    But I haven't read the book, even though everyone is. I may one day. I have a thing about current fads - maybe it is still my deep-seated rebellion that keeps me from ever following a pattern or recipe - If everyone else is doing it, then I won't. :) I may later, but not when everyone else is. So this is not a criticism of the book, only of excessive focus on the cheerful without tackling the painful well. I think it leaves too many un-bound wounds.

  2. Ellie, I am the exact same way. Or maybe I'm just lazy and a year late to the fad party. :) I'll keep reading and maybe add an epilogue to the review.

  3. i read it before it was popular, like as soon as it came out. don't give up...keep reading! she does address the hard places. (and it's really okay if you don't do the counting :) )

  4. I too started it, Karen, and I am going to have to agree with you on the flowery writing style. I have friends that really love her writing and yet are completely stable in every other way. :) But I am not a fan of the writing style and therefore had a hard time getting into the book, and so it went back to the library with only the first chapter read...so I can't really comment on the book.

    That being said, I think you should write "red doors" on your list...it is not hard for God to care what your preferences are and choose to bless you in small ways with beautiful bits of architecture. But on the flipped side, I would write down a "stubbed toe" as well. I think you are right on, that this could be just as much of a blessing.