Early mornings are for suckers {part 2 of 52... maybe}

25 January 2012

shot_1325826443465.jpgI hate getting up early.

Since my drama days in high school, I've preferred to drink coffee into the wee hours, talking with friends or pulling a yearbook all-nighter. And these days, as mum to three loud and crazy kiddos, I crave my late night "me time" where I tune out (or tune in to Parks and Recreatin reruns), put my feet up, and just. be. me. These are my Not Mom hours and I love them and I don't want to give them up.

But I have to.

Because we have two kids in school most days. Because I need coffee in my veins to know which slipper goes on which foot. Because our apartment is small and loud and if I'm not up and consciously available by the time they are up and needing food and milk and signed homework, it all goes to pot. And indeed, it all went to pot one day too many and I knew it. I had to get up early. I have to do my job. I have to have the best work ethic possible for the most important job I'll ever have: Mom and Wife. Soft place to fall. Kisser of boo-boos. Planner of meals. Singer of songs.

So last fall I tried it for the first time. The Hello Mornings challenge: getting up for my kids instead of to my kids, praying and communing with Jesus, and preparing for our day. And it went great for a week or so (I never did get to that exercise part). And then some tough stuff went down, and I slept in a few days too many because that's how my soul recuperates after late nights of tears. Before I knew it that session was over and it was time to start anew.

Which brings me to part 2 of that 52 bites series (maybe). Develop a morning routine. Little did I know, when I started leafing through One Bite at a Time, that I'd already laid the baby step foundations for one of these "bites" towards simplicity: discovering just a few things to start my day before the kids (and man) start theirs.

Sadly, it means the old Not Mom hours after dark have to go in lieue of the new Not Mom hours before dawn. But it's not just a Not Mom hour... there is no wasting time away online or staring at the telly. It's precious moments of intentional prayer, growth, calmness, study, wisdom, self-control, readiness (and maybe eventual exercise).

It's communion with Jesus and loving my children before I even see their faces.

And then it's eating my frog. But that comes a little later, and by then, I'm ready for it. Because I know who I truly am (and it's not just as The Dishwasher).

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  1. I like the idea of loving your children before you even see their faces. Great post about the hello morning challenge. I get up, but I just need to organize myself a bit more.

  2. Oh, I'm so unorganized! After 2+ weeks at it, I finally was able to squeeze in some day-planning post study and prayer. But then I forgot about it for the rest of the day. Oh well... here's to tomorrow!

  3. I am absolutely right here!

    My "not mom" late night hours are treasured but I know I have to give them up for exactly the same reasons, in fact I should have been asleep an hour ago *sigh*

    Time to trade Pintrest for study, prayer and family stability. However knowing it is more than worth it does not make it not hard. NIce to know I have company :)

  4. Yes, Celiwe, you are in good company! Which is why I'm going to bed right now. Now. Wait, no... now. Thx for the comment and visiting my blog!