Series Support

26 September 2011

So, I'm thinking of doing a blog series, similar to the one that I'm doing on 10 Books I'm Currently Not Finishing (otherwise known as The Series I'm Currently Not Finishing), probably along the likes of how to be a crazy weirdo mom, or how not to do things, or other random projects of that ilk. I'm also curious about doing something like this, with the idea of blogging through each day of October on some kind of project, goal, idea, etc.

But I need your help!

You know I'm a terrible decision maker, that I lack follow-through, and that I'm a terribly unorganized homemaker, mother, and administrative assistant to husband. So I'm afraid to pick something that I'll be unable to achieve or maintain. But if YOU pick something, I promise to give it a go, make a cute little button for it, and share my lack of wisdom with the whole of the world. Deal?

Now, lemme have it:


  1. 31 days on being transient, putting roots down for a short time, etc. I want to hear it!

  2. i think the 31 days thing would be great! plus everyone else is doing it right? just pick something that you have a lot to say about ;)