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19 September 2011

I know, I know, I'm a terrible blogger. I start a lame fantastic blog series, and then I leave it hanging for days (nay, weeks!). I promise, it is coming in due time. These aforementioned days and weeks have been full of goodness, God-stuff, and family, but also loads of work, a bit of stress, and just a smidge of meltdown.

All that being said, I am here and trying to write.

I'm also thinking of unplugging again, making the Lenten Facebook-Freeness a twice yearly event. It's good for the calibration and allows the soul to be heard above the white noise, ear-piercing frequency of social media. And then there's also been some writing for an online mag-type-thing, and trying to make an actual go of it: the reading, researching, writing, editing, submitting. It's nothing overly spectacular - I've only got one article in the can, but three brewing - but it has given me some responsibility and some accountability, which for this frantic gal is a good thing!

And then there's a morning mom thing I've been doing. Getting together with some ladies online, in the wee early hours, to prepare ourselves for the 400 hour work week of Motherhood. So far, I'm doing OK at the 6:30am wake up call, but still struggling with the focusing, the praying, and the oh-so-not-wanting-to exercise.

Then there's the support raising, the walking, the karate, the toddler, the switching of rooms, the unpacking and repacking of clothes, the laundry (OH, the LAUNDRY!), the planning, the missing, the hoping, the wishing, the praying... oh just. so. much. But like I said before, it's goodness and God-stuff and family. And still work, and stress, and just a smidge of meltdown.

All in a day's work!

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