Seasonal affective disorder, in five

20 May 2011

Yay Fridays!

It's raining, baby is sleeping, and I've got five minutes (I think!) to write down some prompted thoughts courtesy of TheGypsyMama and her Five Minute Fridays. If it's raining where you are, shove the kiddos in front of a cartoon for five minutes and give it a go. I promise, it won't ruin them... permanently, anyway.

When Seasons Change...


In Ireland, the only sure way I noticed the seasons change was by the placement of the sun in the sky. I knew winter was coming when I found myself squinting through my windows around dinnertime. I realized summer was on it's way when the boy woke me up hours before he needed to be dressed for school. The change in temperature was so casual, so incremental, that it held no clues for the seasons. It was all about the sun - or lack thereof.

Here, in Missouri, the seasons come quicker and heavier. The temp spikes early. The sun starts to burn a little. The grass turns green again (an anomoly here, as the grass is literally always greener in Ireland). The rain comes and the thunder booms. It is spring, nearly summer, and I love - LOVE - this time of year here in my homeland.

ok, so this is kansas actually - but you get the idea
And yet, I know there's still change ahead. Not just environmental change, but geography change, familial change, work change. This season our little five-person-unit is in is not meant to last forever, or very long, at all. It could be changing quicker than we realise, like summer coming to the midwest before we're ready for sweat on our brows. Or it could be longer, quieter, hardly noticeable, as we slowly see the sun rise higher and later into the day.

I don't know where this seasonal change will take us exactly, or when it will take place. But I feel it coming, I feel my body readying, and I can sense that the disorder that my life will soon become isn't really disorderly at all. This was how He made us: to change, and ebb, and flow with the seasons.

I hope I'm ready.



  1. love that last paragraph. It's interesting because change has been flooding our lives and the lives of those around us so predominantly these past several's as though the Lord is moving in mighty ways...don't know why but it seems so evident in our lives and those surrounding our's. love your post.

  2. Beautifully said..that's a lot I five minutes!
    Chris just stopping in from Five Minute Friday!

  3. Thank you for this thoughtful post on seasons. I love the changing seasons too, am so happy and full of euphoria every spring, deal with more depression in winter. God did, indeed, make us to ebb and flow with the seasons.

  4. confession: sometimes I go a little over five minutes due to interruptions by children and/or husband. But I try to stick to literally five mintues of typing and put pics/formatting (but no editing!) in afterwards. :)

    Thanks for the kind words, all, and for popping in.