Like the three-toed sloth

06 May 2011

After I write something painfully personal, I always feel a little self-indulgent. Should I really have written that? Did I say too much? Is my life/experience/situation really all that rare/difficult/important? I hem and I haw and I chew down some fingernails, and sometimes, I submit.

Today you can find these mildly indulgent, overly confessional, and hopefully, familiar thoughts that also seem familiar to you, over at (in)courage. Here's a sneak preview:
We had a wedding, then a marriage, then a baby, then a family… all of it spread out over time, but passing me by in a blur, simply because I let it be that way. Living intentionally as a wife and mother was something I assumed would come naturally, like singing harmonies or delivering punch-lines at parties. And when it didn’t come naturally...
Visit me (us) over at (in)courage to read the rest!


  1. I think you just sang the words to my song. Nice to know that we can change the tune, isn't it? That God gives us room for an encore even when we deserve a good face full of tomato.

  2. Loved this post! I'm going to head over and post w comment on the incourage site.