As opposed to the bigger things

28 May 2011

I was gonna wait till tomorrow to link up with Gypsy Mama's Five Minute Fridays, but it just so happens that...
  • the kids are all in bed and 
  • it's not yet 9pm and 
  • the dishwasher has already been filled and started and 
  • I'm not going to go into our bedroom yet to survey the disaster there, 
so I think I've just about got five minutes to write, prompted and unedited, and share the bits with you.

Now if you yourself don't particularly feel inclined to partake in this exercise, that's totally ok. I get it and I get you and don't feel pressured to join in on this little bandwagon... (if I were to be brutally honest, I would say that I really despise the idea of being a Mommy Blogger (gasp!shock!horror!) and for this reason waited a long time to join the conversation of other Mommies and share in their journeys, though my anti-sentimental heart really wanted to) ...But if you've got something on your heart or a weight on your shoulders and five minutes of typing it out will relieve some of that pressure, I really encourage you to do so. I know that every week I have permission to spend five minutes writing, and if that's all I get, then that's really all I need.

Ok, so that took like eight minutes right there, and now I've got to start over again. So, without further ado...

On Forgetting...

Yesterday was the field trip. I remembered the permission slip. I remembered my child. I remembered to show up as I was chaperoning. But I forgot my lunch.

Today was the field day. I remembered to sign the husband up to help. I remembered to put play clothes on the boy. But I forgot to order the special "school field day" t-shirts every other student was wearing.

The sister and I made plans weeks ago to get haircuts. I forgot to make the appointment.

The girl was invited to a birthday party. I forgot to RSVP.

The wee lad is in need of cloth diapers. I forgot to wash them last night.

I am a frazzled mother, an unorganized person. I have grand ideas and schemes I hope to achieve, but I have a hard time actually remembering to make it happen. I have emails that go unanswered, phone calls unreturned, plans that need to be made...

I am trying to figure things out, to not procrastinate, to not forget (in truth, I think it's the procrastinating that leads to the forgetting). But I do think that it is maybe better to forget these little things, instead of forgetting the bigger ones. I hope I remember the latter, even at the - somewhat frequent - expense of the former.

a moment in time I don't ever want to forget


  1. Hey! I jumped over here from Five Minute Friday! This is a great post! Let me tell you, I am a procrastinator extraordinaire! I think being in high school helps. But I must say that procrastination does help in the forgetting area of things.

    I hope you remember all the things you need to do this week!


  2. ahhahhahhahaaa! love it! Pee Wee was the best ...till, well, you know...

    hey remember in school even if you get an 87% you still are passing with flying colors...

    just think of it that way the next time you forget 2 of the 100 things you need to do in a days time!

  3. I am feeling your pain. I have definitely forgoten some major things in my time, and I hate that guilty feeling that comes when you are living out the consequences. But God is not done with you yet...or me...and you are not a procrasinator, you have chosen to procrastinate. It isn't your identity...your character is a fluid thing...and I am loving watching the flow. It encourages me on when I feel like stagnating. :)

  4. Your baby is so cute. at least you remembered to link up at 5Min Friday!!!

  5. I like your post, I was like forgetful when my kids were small, and I'm forgetful now. A few weeks ago, I sat down for the first time in ages to make a menu plan, spent a half an hour. Then lost it. As. in. never. saw. the. rest. of. the. week.

    aaahhhh! You're not alone!

  6. Oh I so remember those times. Don't worry about forgetting - just love your kids and that will be enough. I hope you weren't too hungry on that trip!

    As I watch my "baby" - the dog playing with my hubby on the back lawn - I remember all those forgetful moments that I had. The day that I had to run a music concert and my daughter came home with lice! Oh my such were the times.

    Blessings to you from our Lord, who can do incredibly more than we are able,

  7. This week alone I ordered food at a drive through window and then drove off forgetting to pick it up, and on the way home forgot the all too familiar exit and got totally turned around.

    Tired-mommy-brain - I think it happens to us all :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  8. It is so hard trying to fit everything in - I am not even a mama yet - soon I hope - but I have no idea how to get it all done, I really admire you, you achieve so much more than you think. If you wrote a list of all that you did do lastweek, it would far outweigh this one!

    Really liking your blog.

  9. You are not the only one, I am also a part of your painful thought as i have also spent a lot of time in remembering what should i think of.