Motherhood attire, in five

07 May 2011

Motherhood should come with a pillow. A mobile one, at that. So when dinner is burned or skinned knees cannot be kissed away, I can lay my head down for a wee respite until my superheromom powers return.

Motherhood should come with a body double. My very own stunt woman who can run alongside the bike without training wheels, drive the school carpool while I'm resting on aforementioned pillow, and get up in the early morning hours to prepare the day.

Motherhood should come with a do-over. Anytime, anyday, when things go haywire, I can press stop and rewind.

Motherhood should come with a partner in crime. A man who not only holds onto your hand while you're holding for dear life during labour, but who spoons you at night when the tears fall from anxiety, who gently pushes you towards the mother he knows you will become, who walks in step with you and the children your love produced and smiles as he knows you as more than just mother.


Your turn now. Join us here at Gypsy Mama and let the world know what your five minutes have to say.


  1. Do-overs, for sure! And stunt doubles. Good thinking! Thanks for leaving me a note. Happy Mother's Day.

  2. That partner is just a God-send, right?

    I love your blog layout...very cool!

    Joining you from The Gypsy Mama!

  3. Lovely Home page on this blog. Found you from (in)courage.
    It says you are in Ireland.. What part? Are you visiting?
    My Dad came from Ireland.
    Amazing how the Internet is connecting those who follow Jesus - isn't it.
    Many blessings,

  4. Thank you for the comments! Jan, we are currently in the States on home assignment but have come to call North County Dublin and County Meath home. We're hoping to be back later this year to work with youth and simple churches (people, not buildings).

  5. My Dad was born in Pettigo, north Ireland - I think County Fermaugh?? not sure. We still would love to visit Ireland some day.
    Love that you work with people not buildings. Hurrah.
    Have a wonderful day.