Über overload

01 March 2011

I am exhausted by life today. Am I the only one who feels this way sometimes?

The wee lad has been suck. Über sick. We've got him on three different meds and nebulizer. He's angry and tired, so I'm a little more angry and tired than a mama should be. 

But here he is, finally sleeping. So it can't be all bad, right? Right?

1 comment:

  1. Oh, sorry! Praying for you.

    I know what that over tired is like. My husband is gone, and in the time he's been gone, I've discovered that my youngest son has a congenital heart defect AND irregular beats that are not related to the defect, my oldest son's tooth broke, and I've have three other routine doctor's app'ts on the agenda. Here's hoping that they stay routine and do not yield any comments of "interesting" from a doctor!

    But yours is so little.... hard to be sick when you are too little to understand!