On waking, with a family

25 March 2011

It's Five Minute Friday, and I'm doing something strange: writing first thing in the morning. But it's all good... the topic is easier for me now:

Waking Up….
My phone starts buzzing at 7am every morning. I pray for a couple of seconds, hoping that the kids will still be dozing and my day won't yet begin. But, just like he's done every morning for the past 6 or so years, the boy comes lumbering in at 7.01. He squeezes in next to Daddy for a brief cuddle, before husband says the words every 8-year-old wants to hear: "You can go watch cartoons now."

So while the big boy is off, we in our barely coherent sleep/wakefulness companionship, roll to the middle a little bit and wait for the next one to arrive. She's usually just as slightly aware as we are, as she finds her way into our room, fumbles into our bed, and divides our brief slumbering oneness with her warm body. Her hair flies out in all directions. She is just about as much of a morning person as I.

Eventually, the idea of coffee is more pleasurable than dozing, so the husband rolls out of bed and it's just the girl and I. I ask her if she wants to get up, too, reminding her that brother and PBSkids wait for her in the living room. She sighs and rolls over to face me, flings a bony arm around my middle and says, "No, I want to stay here for awhile."

The baby, blessedly, has not woken yet.

waking up, awhile ago

It's morning still in the Western Hemisphere... what did you wake up to?


  1. Isnt the smell of coffee brewing just wonderful :) Great post this morning!

  2. sometimes I love my little ones snuggled in bed with me... sometimes they kick and squirm too much and drive me crazy! :0
    Great FiveMinuteFriday post!! :)

  3. Aww, I liked this post, it made me feel all cozy inside :)

    I woke up to an alarm clock at 5:45, went back to sleep, then to another one at 5:50, went back to sleep, and then to another one at 5:55 when I actually got up to begin typing my life away ;)

  4. I woke up to hearing the littles turning on cartoons :) They're always up super early.

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

  5. I wake up to "shhhh, don't wake up Mom." When Mom is up chores and routine begins...while I sleep freedom reigns...I miss the cuddling!