Sunday afternoon and different kinds of "quiet time"

13 March 2011

The house is dark and somewhat quiet as each one of us experience different types of quiet time: the baby is sleeping, big brother and sister are in their room reading and creating masterpieces, auntie/sister is dozing on the sofa, and I'm sitting in my comfy club chair channel surfing between golf and and college basketball (hence the dozer on the sofa).

I enjoyed another kind of quiet time earlier, worshipping with my church family and listening to a friend as he shared God's heart with us. We're in the Gospel of Mark right now, a book which I tend to ignore based upon my own preferential treatment of the Gospel of John. Mark has been good, though, and a refreshing change of pace for me. Today we only read a couple of passages, but took some time to process them and ask some questions of ourselves. This one verse, from the Message, is sticking with me:
Jesus wasn't able to do much of anything there—he laid hands on a few sick people and healed them, that's all. He couldn't get over their stubbornness. Mark 6v5
I asked myself a question I already knew the answer to: "Does my stubbornness hinder Jesus from doing much of anything with me?" I know the answer is yes, and I don't mind saying that I hate that idea.

Instead, I want to embrace where Christ has placed me now, in this weird in-between thing. I need Him to help me cherish the value in raising my children, supporting my husband, being a friend and a sister.

I need Him to do much of everything, in me.

...Well, quiet time is over, Star Wars is on the telly, and it's time to think about dinner... gonna rely on Jesus to help me "do much" of some stuff!

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