Compassion Blog Month :: A girl just like me

28 September 2012

You say you love windows
You sit next to them, feel the breeze on your face
We have no windows here
Our door has no door

You say you love rain
Hearing it, smelling it, tasting it
Our rainy season is just beginning
Our sick season is just beginning

You say you love hills
and the river that runs through your city
I live on a hill, walk these hills
Carrying water, searching for firewood

You say you have children
a girl just like me
You say Jesus loves the little children
even a girl, just like me.


The truth is, I am so woefully ignorant as to what her life is like, if she has shoes, where she sleeps. But they tell me she sings and runs and plays hide & seek and farms the land alongside her parents. That is enough to imagine her running, singing, digging hands in the dirt alongside the girl I've got here. The same heart, the same fire, the same sky.

This is the fourth and final post for Compassion Blog Month. Our goal? 3108 children sponsored this month. It's not too late to sponsor a child from an impoverished nation, a child who needs medical care, an education, friends to play with and skills to live by. 

Will you visit Compassion right now, will you click on her name, will you change her life?


  1. I really loved reading your post. It has been nice to visit fellow Compassion bloggers! I'll add you to my Google Reader and stop by again soon!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and hooray for Compassion Bloggers! :)

  2. Beautiful poem and post. May your blogs for Compassion bear much fruit.

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog! It is great to connect with other Compassion bloggers. :) It is also neat to see everyone's creativity and unique ways of doing these assignments. May God bless you as you bless these precious children!