Compassion Blog Month :: First, Lord, Forgive Me

13 September 2012

First, Lord, forgive me. I'm a terrible sponsor. I forget and I am distracted. I don't write that often and when I do, I'm never sure what to say. So please, Lord, don't let my total lameness at child sponsorship affect these precious children. I know you won't, I just feel like I needed to say it. Repent. Turn this thing around. Go in a better direction.

Can you help me do that?

Also, God, would you please move in their lives in visible, nearly audible, irrepresible ways? I want them to know you, seek you, follow you, worship you. I want them to feel your presence, walking with them down the road to school or home or the market or wherever. Sometimes, as a child, I'm not sure I knew you were there, always there. But those kiddos, especially the teenager, Lord, walk beside him and tap him on the shoulder and turn his face to you. 

They say they pray for me, and I just fall apart at that. I don't pray for them very often God. Not really. And when I do it's quick and to the point, with the kiddos at night so they don't forget. Thank you for their prayers. Thank you for simple faith. Thank you that even in my inadequacies as a faithful prayer and sometimes belated Christmas gift giver, you take care of them, always, ever. I know they belong to you. And it overwhelms this lazy mama's hear to think they ever utter my name before you.

Help me to love them, even from afar. 

Give us, Lord, this family of five in comfort and health, your heart for those in need. 

Your heart, Lord. Yes, your heart.

This is the second in a series of posts for Compassion Blog Month. Our goal? 3108 children sponsored this month. So far, over 830 children have been sponsored through this event, but more are waiting! 

Will you hop over to Compassion right now and sponsor a child (or two, or five)?

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