wordless wednesday

28 September 2011

Is it bad that the majority of my posts from the last three weeks are wordless wednesdays? No? Ok.


Series Support

26 September 2011

So, I'm thinking of doing a blog series, similar to the one that I'm doing on 10 Books I'm Currently Not Finishing (otherwise known as The Series I'm Currently Not Finishing), probably along the likes of how to be a crazy weirdo mom, or how not to do things, or other random projects of that ilk. I'm also curious about doing something like this, with the idea of blogging through each day of October on some kind of project, goal, idea, etc.

But I need your help!

You know I'm a terrible decision maker, that I lack follow-through, and that I'm a terribly unorganized homemaker, mother, and administrative assistant to husband. So I'm afraid to pick something that I'll be unable to achieve or maintain. But if YOU pick something, I promise to give it a go, make a cute little button for it, and share my lack of wisdom with the whole of the world. Deal?

Now, lemme have it:

wordless wednesday

A Weekend Surprise

20 September 2011

IMG_20110916_174423.jpgFor some reason, I thought it would be fun and not at all hard to throw my wee baby sister a surprise 30th birthday party. Let me tell you, it was quite a job! I haven't worked that hard in years! :) But in the end, it all came together in a beautiful and fun way, and I think the birthday girl was quite surprised.

I was too busy with the planning and the chatting that I didn't capture a single photo. But Jessica's friend Megan, who helped me big time with the decor (along with another new friend, Emily), took some great photos. Don't you wish you had been there? ;)

Updates Shmupdates

19 September 2011

I know, I know, I'm a terrible blogger. I start a lame fantastic blog series, and then I leave it hanging for days (nay, weeks!). I promise, it is coming in due time. These aforementioned days and weeks have been full of goodness, God-stuff, and family, but also loads of work, a bit of stress, and just a smidge of meltdown.

All that being said, I am here and trying to write.

I'm also thinking of unplugging again, making the Lenten Facebook-Freeness a twice yearly event. It's good for the calibration and allows the soul to be heard above the white noise, ear-piercing frequency of social media. And then there's also been some writing for an online mag-type-thing, and trying to make an actual go of it: the reading, researching, writing, editing, submitting. It's nothing overly spectacular - I've only got one article in the can, but three brewing - but it has given me some responsibility and some accountability, which for this frantic gal is a good thing!

And then there's a morning mom thing I've been doing. Getting together with some ladies online, in the wee early hours, to prepare ourselves for the 400 hour work week of Motherhood. So far, I'm doing OK at the 6:30am wake up call, but still struggling with the focusing, the praying, and the oh-so-not-wanting-to exercise.

Then there's the support raising, the walking, the karate, the toddler, the switching of rooms, the unpacking and repacking of clothes, the laundry (OH, the LAUNDRY!), the planning, the missing, the hoping, the wishing, the praying... oh just. so. much. But like I said before, it's goodness and God-stuff and family. And still work, and stress, and just a smidge of meltdown.

All in a day's work!

wordless wednesday

Where I can see their eyes, in five

09 September 2011

In real life, I serve them tea. I sit down and try to listen without interjecting. They drink and talk and laugh, even while the children run in and out. They grab ahold of one of them, probably the girl, and tickle and laugh some more. We run out of tea, so I turn the kettle on and sit for the 60 seconds or so, just long enough for the story to finish and the water to boil.

In real life, we sit up close. In real life, I can see their eyes. In real life...  they want to know. When are we coming back, so we can live life with them? Really.


It's Five Minute Friday, don't you know, and in real life I am where He has me. 
Where are you?