So much happening, and yet nothing at all

06 December 2011

Christmastime around here is the season for everything happening at all once, usually a bit late, usually a bit overdone, usually a bit off schedule and out of wack and over budget. And yet, there's really not all that much going on... besides just stuff. White noise.

So because we're still in the States, for our second Christmas in a row (last Christmas for awhile? do I dare say it? do I dare even think it?) perhaps it is time for a wee top 10 list. It's been awhile and the wee ones are all in various stages of not sleeping and I've got a Boulevard Wheat spurring me on towards sentimentality, so here we go:

Source: via karen on Pinterest

Top 10 things I love about my hometown at Christmas:

  1. The Plaza lights. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you don't know Kansas City.
  2. No snow. I hate snow and KC in December is the perfect place to be cold, but dry.
  3. Shopping. I love that things go on great sales this time of year in the US. And I love that I can stop by any shop and pick up a little something special for not much cash that makes it feel like we're creating a home.
  4. Movies! Any excuse to watch holiday movies with the wee ones, or going out to a movie on Christmas day with my sis and mom.
  5. Church. I love worshipping with friends and family at the holidays. Sadly, we've not been to our new church home in a few weeks, and I miss it. And I'm happy to say I miss it. I think it's lovely to miss something, and to be missed.
  6. Football.
  7. Music. I love that no matter where you are, music makes a home sound like home and yet can still take you back to a far off place. We listen to Sufjan Stevens Songs for Christmas all winter long. It's brilliant. And fun for the whole family. And takes me back to winter in Dublin and the coffee shop by the sea.
  8. Friends. When we're in KC, we have new friends who've just moved here, old friends who come back home, and friends who were always here and saved a place for us.
  9. Family.
  10. Jesus. He finds me wherever I am. And reminds me of why I'm even following Him in the first place. This is the first home He gave me. And He's given me so much.

What do you love about the place you find yourself in this season?

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