On being tired, in five

02 December 2011

I don't remember ever not being tired.

Nothing terribly dramatic to report, just kids and homework and toys all over the floor and trading beds like musical chairs in the wee hours.And grown-up work and meeting and travelling and praying and hoping and waiting and explaining. And medical bills and asthma and new shoes for uneven feet.  And marriage and parenting and imperfect human beings with inadequate amounts of patience or wisdom.

So tired, I can't even type as fast anymore.

I remember vaguely thinking adults had it made: no school, no curfew, very few rules. But I don't remember anyone mentioning the tired part.


So I'm bag with Gypsy Mama and her Five Minute Fridays, at least for today. Thought the writing might break the exhaustion spell. No you give it a go!

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  1. No one ever mentioned tired to me either, I always wanted to be a grown up...I'd say I want to be a kid again, but it's too tiring and I don't want to do over what I've already done...another 5 yrs of college...FORGET THAT!!! LOL...tired is a good topic and yes, His burden is light...Thanks for coming by my blog.