Another new place to call home

21 November 2011


Was it really just a month ago we were travelling cross-country with our kids, and already we've forgotten how insanely insane, difficult, long, frustrating, and exhausting it is?! Apparently, yes. The picture above says it all, the wee lad done with the travel, done with the eating out, done with being buckled in. Just. Done.

We're here now, all alive and relatively unscathed, safely ensconced in the home of the husband's parents. The boy says, "This is a comfortable house to stay in." And it is, even though it's new to us. We lived in their old house all last summer, and when we left we said our goodbyes. Now we are staying for the first time in the new house. And it is still home, because this is where the grandparents and the dog and the comfortable-ness is.

But I digress, because it's taken 20 hours or so to get the wee lad to sleep in his bed. Some minor things have been broken. And I forget that this is the husband's family, so sometimes he disappears for long hours in the garage or the basement or the Fleet Farm. He's in the motherland, Wisconsin, and for all it's cold grey skies, it is a rather large piece of our home pie.

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