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22 September 2008

There's been a bit of a lapse in the blogging department as of late, not that I don't have a bazillion things bouncing around in my head that I desperately need to write down and "process". For now, though, I am spending quite a bit of time reading. This is in the hopes that

a) I will learn something,
b) I will grow spiritually and/or intellectually, and
c) I can write some wicked book reviews that will blow your mind.

For those interested, or for those who have lots-o-time and can read many books at once, here is my reading list: 

  • Bowling Alone (so I can impress my new-found book club friends who I think are testing me with this nonfiction American read)
  • Travelling Mercies (so I can be an informed Anne Lamott judger, instead of an ignorant one... I'm surprised to say that, so far, I kinda like it)
  • Eat, Pray, Love (I don't know why... I think I'm reading it so I can rip it to shreds, but it's a borrowed book, so that might not be wise)
  • A Long Obedience in the Same Direction (so far, finishing this book is proving to be a long obedience in itself...)
I can't promise I will finish any or all of these books, but here's hoping that it will enable some good blog fun. Also, while reading all these books, I plan on squeezing in raising my children and the occasional design/editing work. 


As a side note, so you know that I have been reading books that are specifically work/Ireland/culture related, here is a list of completed (or partially completed) books from my first few months here:

I've thought about writing book reviews on these reads, but feeling still so inadequate in deciphering Irish culture and life in "full-time ministry", would rather save my snarky comments and irreverent opinions on books that come from self-centered Americans (A Long Obedience withheld from consideration). :)

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  1. The title of this blog is hilarious...describes me quite accurately!!! In fact, at this moment I should be doing anything else, even resting, other than reading blogs, but here I am...LOL! :)