Another Top Ten, American style

13 September 2008

I've been putting off writing this post because I thought it would depress me. Seeing as I'm already in a funk and would like to just reminisce about the good ole days for awhile, here we go...

Top 10 things I miss about America:

  1. My mom's front porch
  2. Not worrying about who Jackson's playing with, or if he's behaving himself
  3. Peanut butter m&ms
  4. Our first apartment in Oak Park, IL (we haven't lived there in 7 years, and yet when I think of home, I think of that small, beautiful apartment on Humphrey. I think of Oak Park and Chicago in the fall and my old friends at Logos Bookstore... I remember the carefree-ness that being young, and newly married, and without responsibility brings... I remember how God provided that apartment... and I can literally feel my heart hurt a little)
  5. The hospital where my children were born and the wonderful OB that held my hand through the loss of another...
  6. Having an over abundance of parents and siblings around
  7. The Farmers Market in River Market, KC (and the mennonites and their delicious breads, buying fresh flowers in autumn colors, the pumpkin patch, and taking Jackson to the tiny coffee shop for juice and a ginormous cinnamon roll)
  8. Target
  9. Our friends, and our friends' friends, and various family members young and old, who gathered in our living room discussing politics, or calvinism, or love, or the latest episode of The Office
  10. Feeling normal

There you have it.


  1. i think it's good you let it out; keeping it all in is not healthy. now, you can recognize what you miss for what it is. i'm glad you shared. gives me more specifics on how to pray for you guys. we sang "blessed be your name" this morning and all i could think of was you. definitely dropped a prayer for the huber family this morning here in scranton! love you. chin up. =)

  2. think we could lobby for a target here? Not that it would fix things, but I'm dying for some cheap cuteness. Call me superficial.

    yeah, the fall stuff is definitely missing. Wonder what we can do. . . .

    love from south of dublin,

  3. aha, "feeling normal" there it is. you have no idea how many times i have said that myself. *sigh*