Another Top Ten

28 July 2008

The busy month of July is almost over and I'm afraid I'm on the verge of crashing from this month-long high.

A short list of the amazing things that happened this month:
  1. The Boy, having attended two kids clubs and one camp, made a friend (or two, or three!)
  2. Having become a commuter and a bookclubber, I made a friend (or two, or three!)
  3. Husband unofficially began full-time ministry
  4. Six campers put their trust in Christ
  5. Our crate came! We are now sleeping in our own beds and we are surrounded by family pictures.
  6. I got to design and edit (and finish!) our field orientation manual
  7. My mom bought a plane ticket to visit in November
  8. The Boy is enrolled in school
  9. Summer has come to Ireland - at least for the last 3 days!
  10. The Girl continues to live her happy Irish life

I'm beginning to learn the importance of writing down these (big and small) milestones... to remember God's faithfulness, despite my reticence; to rejoice in His strength, despite my weakness.

Just as I wrote this, a letter came in the post... from our church, and our dear friends.  And a quote:

"Don't sweat the petty things,
and don't pet the sweaty things!"

Truer words were never spoken.

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