My Top Ten Reasons...

21 July 2008

...why I don't camp. Period.

1) bugs
2) sweat
3) shared bathrooms
4) very low top bunks
5) bugs
6) dirt
7) Jackson & Ella, unplugged, and outta control
8) early nights
9) earlier mornings
10) bugs

So alas, I have found myself at a camp. I have posted on another blog (a more upstanding and slightly holier blog) about the upside of camp life. I take it all back! No really, this camp isn't too bad. The people are lovely and the scenery is quite beautiful and Husband is in his field of expertise, but the children... oh the children... not the campers, but MY OWN CHILDREN! They're crazies! Nature brings out this feisty, dirt infested, always hungry side to my children. Then there's the being stuck in the same room with them, for hours at time, with nothing but LarryBoy reenactments to keep us company. As of now, I have zero photographic evidence of said children, but that's for fear of sand and dirt and rage being inflicted upon camera.

So I'm considering taking leave tomorrow, with crazies in tow, back home to lovely Co Meath and our separate bedrooms, and DVD player, and bathtubs. Of course, then I will be alone with them, all day, sole disciplinarian and cook (I'm sure those who know me will know which of these two things is the most difficult for me). Stay tuned...

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