The New Telemarketers

10 July 2008

An email from my mom yesterday...

So I got this phone call last night from Jay Sekulow - the Christian justice guy. So they play this breaking news tape, then the guy comes on and asks me for a couple hundred dollars. I told him I didn't have a couple hundred and he said they didn't need it immediately, just sometime during the next three weeks. Then he explains Jay's message and what it would mean to Christians and would I stand behind Jay, and I said, sure I'll stand behind him, I just can't give any money. Then he talks about it a little more and asks for 35 to 50. And I say I just don't have any money. Then he explains the situation further and I said, Please don't ask me a fourth time. I don't have any money. Then he said thank you and hung up. They just don't give up, do they?

I'm not sure I have any quippy remarks about this one, despite reflecting on the fact that "Christian" appears to have been hijacked by just another mass-market harasser. A more worthy cause then cheaper long distance? Perhaps... Rude and self-aggrandizing? Definitely...

Whatever happened to praying?

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