Sifting on this lazy Saturday

28 September 2013

We just finished a Doctor Who mini-marathon, all five of us cuddled into our little office/ playroom. The kids ask so many questions, they miss half the answers, but we enjoy ourselves anyway. I am fiercely protective of our Saturdays, and though I always seem to apologize - "Sorry, we're not doing anything... sorry they're watching so much telly... sorry i've spread out ten different piles of ten differently laundry loads..." - no one seems to mind and we never seem to change it.

It's only been a couple of weeks, but I intentionally chose a wee blogging break. I've started and left unfinished a half dozen posts. I've sat and stared at empty notebooks. I'm woefully behind on any and all correspondence. I powered through a migraine to seek inspiration from the Irish decorative arts museum. All this despite the fact I'm three weeks into a creative writing course; sadly, I've not got much to show for it, yet.

Oh, and I'm making buttons like a boss, offering my sad design skills up to the Nester's 31 days crowd in exchange for a bit of advertising (comment below if you want in on the action!). It's a very welcome break from fretting over writing.

But I am still here... sifting through the normal faith, motherhood and culture stuff, planning my 31 days series and enjoying the laziness that letting myself off the hook affords me. I hope you'll meet me back here on October 1st.

But before then, I've got this latte to finish (handmade with love by the man of the house), the 11th load of laundry to start, and a child to find shoes for. The autumn sun is shining and we've got all of Saturday to spare.


Proof I'm still alive, the boots made their seasonal debut yesterday...

Curious about 31 Days? Sift through my last two Octobers: 2011 and 2012. Some real gems in there, trust me. 

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