The dying macbook's one last gasp

29 December 2012

So here it is, friends. 2012 is coming to a close and we are days away from moving overseas. I told you how God worked me over hard this year. I'm so glad He used you, my dying macbook, and three sticky kiddos to show Himself to me, over and over.

Mega thanks to (in)courage for allowing me to share my thoughts on 7 with Trash nerd (reflections on waste and creation care), thus making it my top-read post of this year! For reals, people, get on this book if you haven't already. I plan on reading it out loud to Matt on the plane...

Honourable mentions go to:

A gentle reproof over white coffee, in which my son schools me on faith.

In defense of the silent dissenter, in which I attempt to love my neighbours more than politics.

I was ugly :: 31 days of messy parenting, in which Asher came to us.

The piano wall, in which my husband destroyed a piano and many (if not all) things were made new.

So here we go: a new year and a new home and starting again, again. I will see you soon... this time, from Ireland.


If you blog, won't you share with me your favourite post from the year? Or was there a book, movie, article that stayed with you?


  1. Oh Karen, I'm so excited for you & your family!!! Please update as soon as you can and keep us up to date. :)

    This past year I found your blog & I can't begin to tell you what a blessing it has been to me. I swear, at times I think you're my twin. :)

    Prayers for a safe journey!!

    1. Thank you, Jessica! Your comment means so much. Will have to catch up more on your blog... thankful for women on similar journeys! And don't worry - I'll be in touch... soonish. :)