Diving headfirst :: 31 days of messy parenting {day 13}

14 October 2012

"When I read the Bible, I get the distinct sense that Jesus wasn’t interested in saving the nuclear family from a windy onslaught of liberal opinions. I rather get the impression that he was concerned with diving headfirst into the unvarnished messiness of the human condition and saving us—as individuals, as families, as communities, as people—from our own unhinged self-absorption and festering lovelessness. 
The world is a mess because we are a mess. We are a mess because I am a mess. I am a mess because my heart is a mess. And the heart condition of each of us is the heart of the issue. Any other agenda, any other moralistic totem or golden calf half-truth, any political platform or religious soapbox should receive our careful scrutiny. Because an idol carved in the shape of a smiling family is still an idol." [emphasis added]

Idolatry of the Family, by Ben Ponder | Media Rostra

This article kicked my butt a few weeks back. What do you think? Do we make an idol of the nuclear family here in America?

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