A hot mess :: 31 days of messy parenting {day 9}

09 October 2012

We are a hot mess. All red, chapped fingers (me) and bleeding patches on back and legs (her). I had no idea what eczema was until I was 18, even though I suffered with it my whole life. And now, it is our whole life. Or at least, a big chunk of it. She and I, cracked and itchy skin, binding us together like everything else

If I could add up all the ointments and all the prescriptions and all the money, I'm sure it would be enough to cover our next five years in Ireland. It's at least enough to meet our very high deductible, to spend a good portion of our time and income at Target, to have a linen closet full of things we've tried, things which have failed, things I have talked my husband into making (homemade detergent and multipurpose cleaners). We are one giant science experiment. The variables are always changing, but the constant is stays the same: frustration (partnered with pain and tears).

So I have spent the better part of this weekend on the National Eczema Association's website. I had no idea such a site existed! (Yes, that is how informed I am on our fun little genetic disease). Did you know that Corticosteroids thin your skin? A dozen years later, I do. Still, they are one of the most effective treatments, even while - in the long run - making things worse.

Can you read the frustration in every syllable?

Yes, we are both a hot mess. But on the plus side, my sad hands have relinquished dishwasher duty to the husband. See? For every eczema cloud, a silver lining.

Oh, another silver lining? Here's a not-entirely-exhaustive list of items that (so far) have helped a bit more than hurt.

Dry homemade detergent (grated ivory, washing soda & borax)
Arm & Hammer (Free & Clear)

Soaps/Body Wash:
Trader Joe's Tee Tree Tingle

TAC in Aquaphor

Do health issues drive you as insanely crazy as they do me? How do you cope with the cost, the time, the frustration?

Note: Post contains zero affiliate links, only personal suggestions. Consult your doc - and let me know what you find out!

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  1. I am an eczema sufferer. The only thing I have ever found that help my hands is vaseline... Super thick vaseline and socks on my hands at night. My hubby thinks I'm nuts. I'm trying to figure out what changed though... I haven't had issues in a year or so... Maybe it's because we moved to a different climate.