Forget laughter...

04 June 2012

...thankfulness is the best medicine.

I've returned home from Chicago, only slightly worse for wear. There was a lovely 3-year-old little boy who shared his cold with me and it hit just in time for the flight home. Despite the runny nose and scratchy throat, I came home refreshed and at peace and so thankful... with that in mind, an update on dragging my feet my journey towards 1000 gifts:


61. a sweet friend who will buy me a plane ticket
62. old friends who forget how crazy immature you used to be
63. boys who love toy cars
64. clean clothes
65. a life-long friend who will put you on a plane
66. and take you to Chicago
67. and show you art
68. and invite you into her beautiful mess


69. wise people who point me back to God
70. a daddy taking all three kids to the park
71. the smell of banana bread
72. musical chords that must've been constructed by God (matt asks: "be thou my vision?" / i say: "well, yes, but i was thinking arcade fire.")
73. God giving us a second chance and a fresh start overseas
74. a friend in ireland who says: "when you get back home..."
75. the idea of a house with a yard waiting for us
76. peace that surpasses all understanding, even when i'm tempted to question it
77. planes that land safely
78. leftovers in the fridge to feed my children
79. going on a girl date with my daughter and friends in the city
80. the dimple under her eye when she bites into a cupcake


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